Health Insurance Exchange Market Forecasted to Reach $595 Million

Health Care Reform Drives Increase to State and Local Government Exchange Efforts

RESTON, Va., Nov. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Government contractors can expect an uptick in IT needs as health care reform legislation brings demand for more information exchange in health care. A new report by INPUT, Health Insurance Exchanges, estimates that state and local spending on health insurance exchanges will reach $595 million by 2015.

"Health insurance exchanges are at the center of health care reform," said Amanda White, analyst, Social Services and Health Care at INPUT. "With so many changes occurring to policies, vendors must pay close attention to state legislation. Access and affordability are at the forefront." Health insurance exchanges provide a central marketplace for consumers to compare insurance benefits, quality, and rates, in addition to offering easier enrollment. The exchanges are aimed at helping Americans struggling with the costs of health care find affordable plans without being denied coverage. The report is well-timed, as states are required to have legislation in place by 2011 if choosing to create an exchange, and implement operational exchanges by January 2014.

Contractors should monitor states moving quickly in the implementation process, as they will serve as the models for future opportunities. "The requirement for exchanges to be launched by 2014 opens the door for numerous opportunities," said White. "More funding is expected to be released over the next two years, and contractors should work on systems that are seamless and have the ability to integrate with existing programs and eligibility systems. Contractors will be needed to assist in planning, actuarial consulting, technical and policy consulting, business processing, call centers, and system implementation."

Other critical issues addressed in the report include:

  • Health insurance exchange requirements
  • Funding sources for states
  • Exchange design details
  • Exchange market forecast
  • Data on each state soliciting contractors to assist in exchange implementation
  • Forecasted contract opportunities for all states still in the planning stage

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