Health Fidelity REVEAL Version 1.1 Extracts Unstructured Clinical Data

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MENLO PARK, Calif., July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Fidelity, a healthcare big data company and technology leader in clinical natural language processing (NLP), announced today the launch of the latest version of its REVEALâ„¢ product, REVEAL version 1.1.  REVEAL debuted this April as the first commercial-grade, cloud-based NLP service for healthcare IT (HIT) application companies and their healthcare organization (HCO) customers.  The service provides an industry leading solution, offering the longest standing and most proven clinical NLP technology incorporating 20 years of development and refinement.

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REVEAL v1.1 offers HIT application companies a cloud-based service capable of processing vast amounts of unstructured data to empower end user applications.  REVEAL transforms unstructured clinical narratives real time into structured, coded information including industry standard terminologies such as ICD-9 and SNOMED. REVEAL v1.1 offers HIT application companies best-of-breed, unstructured data technology to leapfrog competitors and avoid attempts to build and maintain custom extraction systems.

"Health Fidelity tackles the challenge of big data by offering a cloud service capable of transforming huge volumes of unstructured clinical data into information that HIT application vendors and their hospital customers can use to improve care quality, safety and efficiency," said Dan Riskin, CEO and co-founder of Health Fidelity.  "By offering a powerful cloud-based NLP service, Health Fidelity provides HIT application companies with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and speed of integration.  HIT application companies no longer need to spend years -- and millions of dollars -- trying to build and maintain data extraction technology.  The result is more-powerful-than-ever HIT applications that reach providers faster."  

The cloud-based service provides a strong infrastructure for functions such as clinical analytics, reporting compliance, electronic health record (EHR) integration, revenue cycle management (RCM), transcription, and data interoperability. REVEAL advances how these applications capture, encode and use clinical data, enabling dynamic, rapidly built and easy-to-maintain "Big Data" solutions.

Leveraging REVEAL v1.1, analytics companies can derive quality measures and cohorts that are available in narrative notes, but impossible to identify through manually entered, discrete EHR data. EHR vendors can structure clinical content real-time to provide problem lists, automated medication lists, and clinical decision support.  RCM companies can finally compete with firms using powerful NLP technologies without building their own unstructured data solutions. Transcription providers can add value and improve margins through document management, analytics, EHR interoperability, and coding.

About Health Fidelity
Health Fidelity, Inc., based in Menlo Park, Calif., is a healthcare big data company providing unstructured data solutions.  Offering the longest standing clinical NLP technology with the most peer reviewed literature and scientific citations, Health Fidelity provides the world's most accurate, reliable and studied NLP technology.  Health Fidelity partners with HIT solution partners and leading health systems to enable healthcare organizations to utilize the 80% of unstructured medical data that resides in narrative notes and is rarely used in healthcare applications.  Health Fidelity's secure cloud-based integration enables real-time automated extraction and encoding of unstructured information for analytics, regulatory compliance, interoperability, and other critical applications.  As a result, physicians and hospitals can make better medical decisions, monitor and improve the quality of care, and drive operational efficiency, thus accelerating the path to data driven healthcare. 

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