Health Fidelity and Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Leverage Clinical Expertise and Solutions

Partnership creates access to analytic information to help health organizations improve efficiency and achieve high quality, affordable, data-driven healthcare

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Fidelity, a healthcare big data company and technology leader in clinical natural language processing (NLP), today announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Northbrook, Illinois-based Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO) to facilitate the exchange of NLP and clinical interface terminology solutions.  Under the agreement, Health Fidelity will use IMO technology to expand the power of its REVEAL™ natural language processing service.  IMO will use Health Fidelity's REVEAL natural language processing capabilities to provide broader solutions to downstream customers.

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Health Fidelity is the industry leader in clinical NLP technologies.  In clinical NLP, the REVEAL service incorporates the longest-standing technology, the most peer reviewed literature, the most objective proof of accuracy, the highest flexibility in use, and several of the earliest patented innovations.  The technology is able to understand medical narratives in their most complex and specialized forms and break out critical content to make it available.  Health Fidelity will enable IMO with unparalleled, unstructured data capabilities.

IMO is the industry leader in terminology services.  Their solutions incorporate the longest standing technology with the most custom content in terminology mediation services, providing accuracy and consistency in mapping discrete terms to industry standard code sets such as ICD- 9, ICD- 10, SNOMED®, RxNorm or LOINC®.   IMO will empower Health Fidelity technology with the most powerful and robust coding infrastructure, improving accuracy and ease of use.

"Health Fidelity's agreement with IMO is a perfect match, with unprecedented business, service and innovation opportunities for both parties," said Dan Riskin, M.D., CEO and co-founder of Health Fidelity.  "Health Fidelity's provision of natural language processing offers unmatched capabilities for extracting information from rich, narrative text.  IMO provides an infrastructure that will improve coding accuracy and ease of use, integrating best-of-breed technologies to empower a new generation of applications."

"Our partnership with Health Fidelity is representative of IMO's commitment to the commercialization of innovative technology developed through partnerships between academia and industry," said Frank Naeymi-Rad, CEO and co-founder of IMO.  "Health Fidelity REVEAL incorporates the renowned Medical Language Encoding and Extraction (MedLEE) system from Columbia University.  By coupling REVEAL, one of the most researched, scientific literature referenced and tested clinical NLP engines with IMO's comprehensive terminology service, we have created a brand new opportunity to automatically extract required regulatory coding during the clinical documentation workflow." 

"Our partners will be able to leverage this combined offering, providing clinicians the ability to interact seamlessly within their clinical systems using free text, or to develop intelligent and dynamic, care-focused workflows during clinical documentation.  The end result is a new, innovative platform that enhances our partners' applications as well as the clinical team experience," he continued.

"The partnership between Health Fidelity and IMO is part of a new era in data-driven healthcare," Dr. Riskin added.  "By facilitating rapid, streamlined access to massive quantities of information for analytics, we can help healthcare organizations achieve their vision of high quality, affordable, team-based care and population health management, while easing the transition from volume to value-based, accountable care."

About IMO

About Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO)

IMO is the most widely accepted medical terminology solution for the development, management, and licensing of medical vocabularies and software applications at healthcare organizations worldwide. IMO's simple yet sophisticated terminology database is used by over 1,500 hospitals and 300,000 physicians daily, and 94% of physicians are happier with their EHR after switching to IMO. IMO's medical vocabulary and mapping products effectively capture clinical intent and help EHRs preserve and communicate this across the entire spectrum of care. This accelerates workflow and increases clinician utilization and satisfaction, and assures "first time right" billing, shortening the revenue cycle. Learn more at

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About Health Fidelity

Health Fidelity, Inc., based in Menlo Park, Calif., is a healthcare big data company providing unstructured data solutions.  Offering the longest standing clinical NLP technology with the most peer reviewed literature and scientific citations, Health Fidelity provides the world's most accurate, reliable and studied NLP technology for healthcare.  Health Fidelity partners with HIT solution partners and leading health systems to enable healthcare organizations to utilize the 80% of unstructured medical data that resides in narrative notes and is rarely used in healthcare applications.  Health Fidelity's secure cloud-based integration enables real-time automated extraction and encoding of unstructured information for analytics, regulatory compliance, electronic medical records, transcription, revenue cycle management, and other critical applications.  As a result, physicians and hospitals can make better medical decisions, monitor and improve the quality of care, and drive operational efficiency, thus accelerating the path to data driven healthcare. 

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