Health concerns highlighted in nursing survey

While more than three-fourths of nurses who responded to AMN Healthcare's 2010 Survey of Registered Nurses indicated that they were satisfied with their careers, many responses to the survey seemed to signal some concerns with the profession.

For instance, forty-six percent of nurses feel that the job is affecting their health. Forty-four percent have plans to change their career paths altogether within three years, and 36 percent of respondents would not recommend nursing as a career for young people.

Furthermore, 41 percent of nurses said they wouldn't go into nursing again if given the chance to pick their careers over.

Several of those responses could be indicative of the current nursing shortage, which has persisted in large part because of a lack of faculty at nursing education programs. Thirty-three percent of nurses believe that the shortage is even worse than it was five years ago, although 39 percent think it's not as bad as it once was. 

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