Health Care Crisis News with Rosalie Michaels Goes Live Sept. 1, 2009

PHOENIX--(Business Wire)-- As Washington prepares to battle for America's health, a former Mrs. Arizona
takes a humorous approach to America's greatest problem.

"I am watching the news and I see Americans wanting to kill each other at town halls just so they can figure out a way to live longer. That's funny! We need a new platform to get people talking about healthcare in a positive way. Anger is not working," says Rosalie Michaels, host of Health Care Crisis News with Rosalie Michaels.

Rosalie Michaels recently united with Chad B. Harris, CEO of No Insurance Club, to bring this platform to life. The result:

"We have developed a way to flip the healthcare delivery system on its head, allowing the patient to name their own price on some services and having providers compete for their preventative care business. We sell the excess
inventory of tests, beds and procedures that doctors, hospitals, and specialists have. These are only available to non-Medicare/Medicaid patients," says Chad B. Harris.

Harris explains, "We needed a way to get the uninsured market of 50+ million people to find the fun in a $15 full panel blood test that is $200 with insurance or a $75 mammogram available for walk-ins that might not even be
available in your insurance plan. To get people to find us, we needed a channel as outrageous as our service to get noticed. Rosalie is very, very qualified in being outrageous! You will see."

America can subscribe to the two minute news program via the web. Subscribers are alerted via email or RSS when breaking healthcare crisis news hits. At the end of each broadcast an outrageous, unique offer is presented to the
subscriber. Offers are valid within the subscriber's zip code and may only be available for a limited time.

About the No Insurance Club:

Service created to lower the cost of preventative care by allowing providers to advertise their healthcare offers direct to subscribers who want direct, cash pricing for preventative services, labs and specialists. The growing market of
80 million uninsured currently can get help from providers in 10 states making offers through the No Insurance Club. 

About Health Care Crisis News:

Channel created to focus on the healthcare crisis in a fresh, young way appealing to the 13+ million 20-30 year old uninsured market. Subscribers to the channel can receive free custom offers three times per week by zip code at the
end of each news cast. The channel connects with the market using technology and new media tools preferred by the younger, more mobile uninsured demographic.