Health 2.0 Conference will Demo the Latest Innovative, Wireless Fitness and Health Care Sensors Designed to Improve Outcomes

New York Times recognizes Withings as "Cool Consumer Health Products", scheduled to be demoed at Health 2.0 Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --  Health 2.0 announced today the live demos of new devices designed to empower consumers to monitor and improve their own health at its  Fifth Annual Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco on Sept. 25-27th. Withings, an innovative technology company receiving favorable reviews in a recent New York Times article, along with RunKeeper, BodyMedia, IDEAL LIFE, and AgaMatrix will showcase how their cutting edge products can help capture patient engagement using the Internet, SaaS and cloud technologies.

The event draws more than 1,000 executives who come to share ideas, network and change health care for the better. Attendees include start-ups, global technology companies, major health care information technology (HIT) vendors, payers, providers, VCs, developers, government agencies, patient advocates, and more.

"It's industry innovators such as Withings and BodyMedia that make Health 2.0 exciting, and keep the attendees coming back," said Matthew Holt, co-chairman of Health 2.0.

Live demos will include:

  • Withings will showcase its functional and easy devices like the WiFi body scale, its iPhone-connected blood pressure cuff and its new baby monitor.
  • RunKeeper will show how it's transformation from a single application tracking device to a "data utility layer," to a platform of the sleep-tracking device Zeo, exercise tracker Fitbit and other devices and applications to capture and compare data with others.
  • BodyMedia will present its armband, online tracking system, and free smartphone apps that map calories burned and monitor sleep quality, helping users lose weight.
  • IDEAL LIFE will showcase its range of health and wellness solutions for managing chronic conditions, and introduce a new partnership with Unity Medical, a revolutionary video content platform helping people get information to make better lifestyle choices.
  • AgaMatrix will show their first iPhone-enabled blood glucose analyzer.

"When I came to Health 2.0 for the first time last year after a career in consumer marketing, I was blown away by the innovation and high caliber of health care organizations participating. Now I know the conference is nationally recognized for educating and increasing stakeholder awareness of technological breakthroughs that improve care, enhance decision-making by patients and clinicians, and reduce costs," said Christine Robins, CEO of BodyMedia. "We look forward to showing the country's most visionary health care executives and organizations how BodyMedia helps people improve their health, weight and fitness every day."

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