Happy nurses lead to happy, satisfied patients

Hospital efforts to boost patient satisfaction by following the lead of luxury hotels or resorts are misguided, according to an article in Quartz. Instead, leaders must focus on the healthcare workers that patients interact with the most: nurses.

"Hospitals should be following successful hotels' lead in driving a culture change among their nurses, rather than investing in costly--and unnecessary--luxury amenities," the article says. "Engaged nurses would not only produce happier patients, but better quality of care too."

Nurses report some of the most job stress in the healthcare industry, which leads to burnout. But hospitals that have a high number of satisfied nurses also report better patient outcomes. The hospitality industry has a high staff turnover rate, but a select few hotels have figured out how to retain employees and make them love their jobs. That satisfaction translates into happier guests, the article said. 

"Happier nurses wil effortlessly pass their satisfaction along to patients--no spa required," the article said. 

Indeed, when nurses feel respected, they provide better care, which can boost patient and staff engagement, decrease turnover, and bolster patient outcomes and metrics, FierceHealthcare previously reported.

"[I]f they are listened to and supported, if logistical roadblocks are removed by leaders not driven by ego or history or policy or why something can't be done, nurses will be able to both love their work and their jobs," authors Dorrie K. Fontaine, the dean of the University of Virginia's (UVA) School of Nursing; Sadie Heath Cabaniss, professor of nursing and associate chief nursing officer at UVA Medical Center; and Kenneth R. White, the associate dean for strategic partnerships and innovation at UVA's nursing school, wrote in an opinion piece last year. 

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