Halo Monitoring, Inc. Announces Nationwide myHalo Authorized Partner Program

Halo Monitoring, Inc. , makers of wireless healthcare technology, announces today the nationwide roll-out of its myHalo Authorized Partner Program. The program enables distribution partners to offer myHalo sales, services and training to independently living seniors.

"The myHalo Partner Program allows my clients to live at home with safety and assurance," said Mark Cohn, CEO, Residential Renovation, a Chicago-area reseller specializing in residential medical equipment. "myHalo gives peace of mind to the seniors utilizing the technology, and reduces the anxiety of the adult children and caregivers responsible. Halo Monitoring has a great deal of growth potential, and we are excited to be a part of this opportunity."

myHalo is the world's most advanced personal health monitoring and alert system for seniors. It immediately detects when the senior user falls and automatically transmits the alert to casual or professional caregivers, or to Emergency Medical Services (EMS). According to a recent study by the British Medical Journal, manual panic button alarms are not activated in 80 percent of fall incidents. In comparison, myHalo is a proactive system that automatically detects falls and other serious health concerns without relying on the user to press a button. In addition, caregivers can check a secure web page which monitors the senior's vital signs, activity, steps taken, sleep and wake patterns and more. While authorized caregivers receive a text or phone alert in the event of a panic or fall, they can also check in on the senior to confirm they are ok.

"Seniors are looking for a reliable and effective solution for fall detection," said Michael Collura, President, In Home Personal Services, Inc, a myHalo Authorized Partner. "The Halo Monitoring partnership offers my company the opportunity to give aging seniors the option of staying in their homes safe with the knowledge of myHalo fall detection."

"The program offers an attractive annuity-based residual income to companies that are already serving independently living seniors," said Chris Otto, CEO of Halo Monitoring. "myHalo helps to set companies apart from their competition by offering the most accurate and reliable fall detection technology currently available."

Currently showcasing Chicago in the myHalo Authorized Partner program, nationwide expansion of the network is planned for the second half of 2009. To learn more about Halo Monitoring and the Authorized Partner program, please visit http://www.halomonitoring.com.

About Halo Monitoring, Inc.
Headquartered in Huntsville, Ala., Halo Monitoring is a user-centric healthcare technology company focused on improving the quality of life for aging seniors and their caregivers. Halo's flagship product, myHalo , is an advanced personal health monitoring and alert system. Unlike traditional PERS (personal emergency response systems) devices which require seniors to manually press a "panic button," myHalo is a major step forward as it automatically detects serious health problems (such as a person falling) without requiring user participation and can immediately notify designated caregivers and emergency personnel. Halo's mission is to deliver novel and innovative solutions that help seniors maximize their independence, lower healthcare costs, and to remain at home longer. Website: http://www.halomonitoring.com