GuitarGirl RN - 10 Healthcare Bloggers We're Thankful For

Who: GuitarGirl RN

Blog: Adventures of GuitarGirl RN

About the blogger: She is a self-described guitar and bass playing rock-and-roll emergency room RN.

What makes this blog so fierce? GuitarGirl RN is one ferocious story teller. Her raw tales of the trials and tribulations of an ER nurse will make you want to laugh and cry--at the same time.

Focus: Life on the frontlines as an ER nurse at a busy city hospital

Quote: "And speaking of [floor nurses], if I call you and ask if a patient's bed is clean, and you tell me that the ROOM is clean and ready, but that there is no actual BED in it for some reason, don't get all pissy with me when I send the patient up in a stretcher to lie in that spot till YOU get building services to send a bed. If he can lie in a stretcher downstairs, he can lie in a stretcher upstairs, and don't threaten me with calling the nursing supervisor--I already called her and told her what I was doing. You won't get any sympathy from her."