Guidelines outline pediatric treatment for Ebola in future outbreak

Nearly two years after the beginning of the West African Ebola outbreak, healthcare workers who treat the virus have published new guidelines for pediatric treatment during future outbreaks. The guidelines, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, involve aggressively treating pediatric Ebola cases through treatments such as intravenous fluid administration, addressing any other possible infections, giving patients highly fortified food and substantially increasing bedside care. "The next time an Ebola treatment unit is opened, the physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers shouldn't have to start from scratch. Our goal in publishing our findings is so they can have something solid to start with," lead author Indi Trehan, M.D., of the Washington University School of Medicine, said in an announcement. "It may not be perfect--we invite others to build on it--but it's from our collective experience. This is how we think children with Ebola should be cared for." Abstract