Grand Jury Indicts Woman in Perry Mammogram Case

Tuesday, 07 September 2010 00:00

A Houston County Grand Jury issued an indictment this morning against Rachael Michelle Rapraeger, 30, of Macon, Georgia. Ms. Rapraeger, a former employee of the Perry Hospital, was indicted on ten counts of Reckless Conduct and ten counts of Computer Forgery for her involvement in the case. The charges stem from her allegedly entering negative results on mammograms performed at the Perry Hospital without the authority to make such entries.

Comments from District Attorney Rabb Wilkerson: "We are thankful for the Perry Police Department and for the hard work of Chief George Potter, Captain Heath Dykes, and Detective Chris Sutcliff in the investigating this matter. It was a lengthy and very thorough investigation that allowed us to present this matter to the Grand Jury this morning and will allow us to proceed with the prosecution of this matter."