GNYHA Ventures to Launch Happtique - the First Mobile App Store Created for and by Health Care Professionals

October 13, 2010 New York, NY GNYHA Ventures, Inc., the business subsidiary of the Greater New York Hospital Association, today announced the creation of Happtique, the first mobile application ("mobile app") store designed specifically to meet the needs of health care professionals.

Created by health care professionals, Happtique will provide a vast array of mobile apps for executives, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Happtique will bring health care leaders, mobile industry innovators, application developers, content providers, and end users together to improve information flow and make it easier for health care professionals to discover and use health care apps.

Happtique's app store will be intuitive and easy to use. Health care professionals will access Happtique via the Web or through the Happtique app installed on a smart phone or connected mobile device. Within Happtique, users can access an extensive, carefully curated and well organized catalog of health care and medical-related mobile apps.

Happtique's operations will be launched in phases beginning in November, with the fully operational, multi-level, multi-device store available by mid-2011. Happtique has begun identifying health care mobile apps for the new store and encourages developers interested in selling their apps through Happtique to contact them for details.

"We have entered a new technology-driven disruptive stage in the health care industry, brought about by the growth in smart phones, connected tablets and apps that are transforming how clinicians, patients and related stakeholders are managing their care," said GNYHA Ventures President Lee H. Perlman. "We expect Happtique to be at the forefront helping these groups address this rapidly changing innovation. At a time when mobile technology is more important than ever in the health care workplace, Happtique will make it easy to locate, purchase, and install mobile health care apps to help everyone deliver better care at lower costs while saving time and minimizing errors. Happtique will represent one-stop shopping for a wide range of critically important apps for health care and medical professionals."

Happtique is working with Ondeego, Inc., the California-based Mobile Application Management company, to incorporate Ondeego's AppCentralTM and AppGuardTM technology to enable hospitals and health care enterprises to use a hosted solution to create their own secure stores where they can manage and support the deployment of mobile apps to their employees. Happtique will enable hospitals and health care enterprises to not only buy off-the-shelf apps, but also distribute their own custom-built apps to their employees. Hospitals will be able to purchase apps from Happtique in volume at pre-set discount levels based on Happtique's ability to negotiate and offer large-volume discounts.

"We're thrilled that GNYHA Ventures has called on us to provide the technology to deliver Happtique," said Ken Singer, CEO of Ondeego. "When GNYHA shared its vision of transforming health care by leveraging mobile technology, we knew it was a winning formula. By aligning our mobile app management program with GNYHA's vast experience in the health care industry, Happtique emerges as the world's first vertical mobile app store for health care. We're proud to play a role in improving the quality of health care while also lowering costs."

For more information contact:

Press: Brian Conway at 212-506-5477 or [email protected].

Hospitals/Health Care Providers: Andrea Schaffner at 212-258-5335 or [email protected].

App developers: Barbara Green at 212-259-0720 or [email protected].