gloStream Announces Electronic Medical Record Industry's Only Data Portability Promise

Promise Ensures gloStream Doctors Will Control Patient Information

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- gloStream, maker of gloEMR and gloPM – the only electronic medical record software and practice management applications with Microsoft® Office built right in – today announced the gloStream Data Portability Promise.  This program ensures that gloStream will store patient data in easily accessible, Microsoft-based technology platforms giving doctors confidence they will retain control of their patent data.

Data portability has become an increasing concern for doctors who fear their patient information will be trapped in proprietary EMR platforms that make it hard, or even impossible, to move if the doctor chooses another EMR system.  That poses a significant risk, particularly if a vendor goes out of business or discontinues support for a solution.  gloStream stores medical data in Microsoft-based platforms that are widely used all over the world and supported by a global network of local technology Partners.

"We're launching the Data Portability Promise today because we know that the biggest investment Doctors make in an EMR/EHR is the information about their patients," said Mike Sappington, gloStream's CEO.  "We want doctors who purchase our software to be completely confident that their patient information can be accessed and that their investment is safe – today and far into the future."

Thanks to $20 billion in federal economic stimulus dollars for doctors who implement EMR software, physicians all over the country are trading in their paper charts for electronic medical records. gloStream offers a series of resources and tools to help doctors learn more about the economic stimulus.  The gloStream Website contains a special economic stimulus section and doctors can also sign up for a gloStream sponsored economic stimulus Webinar at

About gloStream

gloStream provides physicians and healthcare facilities with certified, voice-enabled electronic medical record and practice management solutions delivered and supported through a nationwide community of local technology Partners.  gloStream products are secure, easy-to-use applications and the only solutions on the market with Microsoft Office built right in.  gloStream Partners leverage gloDNA ("gloStream Detailed Needs Analysis"), a proprietary implementation process that has given gloStream a 100 percent success rate compared to an industry failure rate that averages 30-40 percent.  Every practice that has installed a gloStream application continues using it successfully today.  For more information, visit or call 877-456-3671.

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