GE Healthcare Developed RFID Solution Tracks Hand-Hygiene Habits and Boosts Compliance by 25% at Summerville Medical Center

FARMINGTON, Conn., April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hand-hygiene standards are critical to both patient and employee health. The path communicable infections take if discovered at a hospital may potentially be traceable down to the micro level: if personnel are practicing good hand-hygiene habits. A hand-hygiene solution developed and provided by GE Healthcare has made it possible to track and share data on whether medical workers are washing their hands often enough.


Earlier this year in February, South Carolina's Summerville Medical Center installed a new radio frequency identification-based solution to their existing real-time location system (RTLS) to pinpoint when and how often personnel wash their hands. The facility had painstakingly tracked compliance manually prior to the new technology, which uses active RFID and infrared IR tags with passive low-frequency LF 125 kHz tags and readers. The manual way of measuring only resulted in 70 or 80 data points per a month. With the RFID technology in place, the medical center now collects 8,000 data points daily and since integrating the technology, hand-hygiene compliance has improved by 25 percent.

GE's hand-hygiene solution leverages an existing RF Code technology where hospital personnel were provided RTLS badges with built-in IR receivers, MHz active RFID tags, and passive LF tags. When employees proceed to one of the soap or sanitizer dispensers, an LF reader installed at the dispenser reads the unique ID number on the LF chip built into the badge and automatically transmits data through a cabled connection to the AgileTrac software on a back-end server. It's important to note that the data collected is an education tool, not a disciplinary one. The solution's intention is to improve hospital operations with a focus on patient care – and so far it seems to be working!

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