Fremont Area Medical Center Selects Lawson to Help Establish Health Information Exchange

Lawson Enterprise Exchange to be cornerstone of Fremont’s HIE strategy to help deliver comprehensive patient-centric data and support “meaningful use” initiatives

ST. PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lawson Software (Nasdaq: LWSN) today announced that Fremont Area Medical Center signed a contract to implement Lawson Enterprise Exchange to help establish the health center’s planned Health Information Exchange (HIE). Lawson Enterprise Exchange helps healthcare organizations create a single source of patient data and records across all care settings – from primary care physicians and clinics to specialists to hospital care. It helps health systems, hospitals and community care providers electronically move clinical information between disparate healthcare information systems, while maintaining the integrity of patient information. The contract was signed during Lawson’s first quarter of fiscal 2011, which ends Aug. 31, 2010. Lawson Enterprise Exchange is a product now available through Lawson following the company’s January 2010 acquisition of Healthvision.

Fremont Area Medical Center (FAMC) is a 202-bed healthcare facility in Nebraska serving Dodge County and surrounding areas. Chartered in 1940, the medical center is a non-profit healthcare facility owned by Dodge County. It provides a full spectrum of healthcare services through its own operations and finances without relying on county or taxpayer funds. FAMC focuses on achieving increasingly higher standards of clinical excellence to build a healthy future for the communities it serves.

FAMC is actively pursuing the development of its HIE to bring together comprehensive patient data from care settings throughout its medical community. This includes data from primary care physicians, specialists and hospital stays, which will help provide a more complete history of a patient’s care as well as medications that have been prescribed by different providers. Lawson Enterprise Exchange will help transform how FAMC makes information available for consumption by physicians, providing ready access to information through one source. This HIE initiative will ultimately help FAMC deliver better care.

“Like all healthcare organizations, access to accurate and complete data is one of our most significant challenges, which is a key reason we are looking to establish our HIE program,” said Dave Hanen, vice president and CFO for FAMC.

“Our ultimate goal is to have one patient-centric view of every patient interaction throughout our medical community,” noted Dr. Ken Pitz, chief medical information officer for FAMC. “Today much of this is done through cumbersome, manual and fax-intensive processes. An HIE that will help make clinical care summaries readily accessible to our physicians and nurses will help our clinical staff make better, more informed decisions right at the point of care.”

HIE and Meaningful Use
The HIE initiative at Fremont is also the cornerstone of the organization’s meaningful use initiatives. Healthcare organizations seeking federal stimulus funding must be able to demonstrate what’s termed as “meaningful use” of an electronic health record system. A Health Information Exchange is a key way for a hospital or health system to be able to demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records. A primary goal of meaningful use is to improve coordination of care through the electronic exchange of clinical information across a local medical community. Such use of data can provide clinicians a better and more efficient view of a patient’s history across all types of care. Lawson Enterprise Exchange will help FAMC deliver this capability to its community.

“Meaningful use is a crucial focal point of our overall health data management initiatives, and the Lawson system is an important part of how we’ll achieve our objectives,” said Richard Beran, director of Hospital Information Systems for FAMC. “Our Lawson-based HIE will help us create a central database to do community health reporting and help us handle the exchange of data as required under the federal regulations. We think this meets and exceeds the requirements of meaningful use.”

FAMC also anticipates benefits when it comes to negotiating reimbursements for patient care. The Lawson system will help FAMC more clearly and accurately report on the services that have been provided while having better information to help reduce costs by reducing or eliminating duplicate services, procedures and re-admissions.

“Accurate and complete data is essentially the ‘holy grail’ for healthcare organizations as they strive to meet patient needs and manage highly complex business and financial challenges,” said Jim Catalino, general manager, Lawson Healthcare. “But most healthcare organizations face a tremendous challenge in this area because data comes from disparate sources with varying levels of standards and accuracy. By moving to a modern HIE system, organizations like FAMC will be much better positioned to comply with regulatory standards, negotiate reimbursements from insurance companies and the government, and most importantly, deliver quality care.”

Lawson Healthcare is the information technology partner that helps manage and connect the clinical, financial and operational information that allows providers to concentrate on their mission of delivering the best patient care possible. Lawson Healthcare has the combination of software, people and industry know-how to help improve the business of healthcare.

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