Financial hurdles put California hospitals at risk of closure; Utah hospitals may have to disclose infection rates;

> To offset patient volume fluctuations in different areas of the organization, Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Fla., eliminated seven positions and reassigned six workers, reported the St. Augustine Record. The hospital has a staff of 1,782. Article

> A group of El Camino Hospital workers who want to go to the voting polls to cap executive pay have officially launched efforts to limit healthcare exec's paychecks to twice the salary of the governor, according to the Palo Alto Daily News. Gov. Jerry Brown earned nearly $174,000 last year. Article

> Doctors are telling more U.S. adults to get out and exercise, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey released yesterday. Last year, doctors advised roughly 33 percent of adults to work out, up from about 23 percent in 2000. Summary

> California hospitals will face major financial hurdles this year, which could lead to closures and cutbacks to services and access, concluded a forecast by the California Hospital Association. Report (.pdf)

> In a move toward increased transparency, a bill requiring Utah hospitals to publicly disclose their infection rates won unanimous approval from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee yesterday, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Article

And Finally... Brain stimulation can help you find your car in the parking lot. Article