FDA upbeat on prospects for Chiron flu vaccine

Food and Drug Administration regulators expressed "general approval" yesterday of Chiron's efforts to fix problems at its Liverpool vaccine plant, potentially clearing the way for the return of Fluvirin to the US market in time for this year's flu season. Contamination problems at the plant a year ago helped cause a widespread vaccine shortage, leading to chaos at many hospitals, clinics and doctors offices and fears of similar problems this year. Cynics are noting, however, that it was British regulators, not the FDA, who ordered the plant closed last year.

- see this story from the Los Angeles Times

ALSO: Swiss drug giant Novartis offered $4.5 billion to complete its takeover of Chiron. The drug giant already owns 42 percent of the company. Story

PLUS: Prospects for the upcoming flu season were also boosted by FDA approval of GSK's rival vaccine Fluarix. Release