Experts call for new prostate cancer treatment model; Exercise can help dementia patients;

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> Authorities on prostate cancer are calling for a new treatment model that fosters collaboration between medical oncologists and urologists, according to an announcement from the University of California Davis. Announcement

> People with dementia can improve their thought processes and self-care through exercise, according to Reuters Health. Article

> Patients at Hollywood, Fla.'s Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital were able to video chat with Santa  Claus Monday, WSVN reports. Article

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> Blood transfusions have been a staple of hospital care for nearly a century, but providers find they can reap big savings by stemming the number of such procedures performed, according to USA Today. Article

> The declining cost increases in healthcare delivery has apparently had a collateral effect on repealing the sustainable growth rate formula, as the Congressional Budget Office has reduced the price tag of eliminating the unpopular method for gauging physician payments by tens of billions of dollars. Article

And finally… Professional snugglers? Article