Epocrates Announces Acquisition of Modality

San Mateo, Calif., November 16, 2010 - Epocrates, Inc., the leading provider of point-of-care reference solutions, today announced it has acquired Modality, Inc., based in Durham, North Carolina. Modality is a premier developer of digital learning, assessment, training and reference applications for Apple mobile devices. The acquisition will expand Epocrates' product portfolio and accelerate the delivery of innovative clinical solutions for healthcare professionals.

"As a leader in providing technology solutions, we have a tremendous responsibility to amplify our development efforts that support clinicians' daily workflow and meet their information needs," said Rose Crane, chief executive officer for Epocrates. "We have the trust of more than one million healthcare professionals, and with Modality, a richer, advanced Apple development expertise. Together, we will cultivate even more cutting-edge and indispensable apps for clinicians that directly impact patient care."

Key benefits of the acquisition include:

  • Diversifying and expanding the breadth of clinical information available at the point-of-care to the Epocrates clinician network
  • Leveraging the power of the iPhone® and iPadTM devices to more rapidly introduce powerful solutions for clinicians
  • Enhancing the customization and sophistication of Epocrates' interactive services, such as mobile video details and mobile resource centers

With more than 175,000 U.S. physicians using an Apple device and Epocrates' #1 ranked drug reference application, it remains the platform of choice among healthcare professionals. Now with Modality's iOS development expertise, Epocrates will increase the volume and rapid delivery of new education and resource apps for clinicians delivered through its trusted brand. Since the Apple store launched in 2007, Modality has introduced more than 140 applications for iPhone, iPod® touch and iPad devices. Most recently, the iPad device is emerging as an ideal mobile companion for physicians because it is the portable size of a patient's medical chart and has the power of a desktop computer. Epocrates will be focusing early efforts with Modality on developing robust, multi-media applications for the iPad device.

"Transforming best-in-breed content from the world's largest medical publishers into engaging and powerful mobile user experiences has been our focus for years," explains S. Mark Williams, PhD, chief executive officer and founder for Modality, Inc. "The speed and ease with which a healthcare professional or medical student is able to access vetted information can make a profound difference in fostering higher levels of engagement among a target user base. We look forward to leveraging Modality's proven approach to application design in expanding and enhancing the solutions available to the extensive Epocrates network."

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