Endocrinologists praise FDA Avandia decision

While some critics have vigorously questioned an FDA panel's decision to let diabetes drug Avandia stay on the market, at least one physicians' group is happy about the news.  This week American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) says while its members take the threat of increased cardiovascular disease seriously, it "welcomes" the panel's recommendation to keep Avandia on the market.

The AACE says it would like to see data from a group of long-term randomized studies currently underway, including the RECORD trial, ACCORD and BARI 2D studies. Meanwhile, its members will treat patients with Avandia (and related drug Actos), while working to manage side effects like weight gain, fluid retention and reduced bone mass.

To learn more about the group's position:
- read this AACE press release

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