EMR Initiatives Driving Need for ITSM Automation in Healthcare

Healthcare IT organizations are focusing on automation of key IT processes to reduce costs and improve service delivery to support EMR and HIPAA initiatives

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SunView Software today announced that they are seeing continued growth among their customer base, especially among healthcare IT organizations looking to upgrade their current Service Desk systems.  Having worked with a number of healthcare customers this year, SunView Software finds many are rapidly abandoning complex and costly legacy help desk systems. Instead, organizations are reducing costs and improving IT support by turning to more modern web-based solutions like ChangeGear®, an intuitive, cost-effective solution.

The ARRA incentives for electronic health records adoption, as well as demand to meet rigorous security and privacy standards, have driven large initiatives in the area of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and HIPAA (The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act). The result has placed an increasing burden on healthcare IT organizations to manage significant IT changes across their distributed healthcare network and to implement more robust IT support options to deal with increased IT service requests.  To accomplish these goals without increases in budget or staffing, healthcare organizations are turning to solutions that deliver process automation based on IT best practices. "We needed a solution that met the complex needs of providing a Service Desk in a Healthcare Organization," said Jeff Miller, Director of IT Controls, Catholic Health.  "SunView Software and ChangeGear® provided this at a significant cost savings."

ChangeGear is a leading ITSM solution used by IT organizations in all industries, and is built on a foundation of ITIL best practices. SunView Software has great success with healthcare organizations that are looking to:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of Service Desk
  • Maximize IT asset usage during EMR modernization projects
  • Use automation to handle increased service request volume
  • Deliver self-service support to a highly distributed organization
  • Increase security controls of IT systems to meet HIPAA requirements

ChangeGear provides organizations with out-of-the-box automation for key IT processes including: incident management, problem management, change management, service asset and configuration management, and service catalog.  "Here at SunView Software, we are excited to work with healthcare organizations to adopt IT best practices to support EMR modernization initiatives," said John Prestridge, Vice President, Marketing and Products of SunView Software. " ChangeGear provides healthcare organizations with a cost-effective, proven solution to automate critical IT service delivery processes, resulting in reduced service desk costs, improved IT support, and increased enterprise security."

About SunView Software

SunView Software is a leading provider of IT service management software that enables companies to better track, manage, and control IT services across the enterprise. Based on the ITIL best practices framework, ChangeGear allows companies to gain greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, increase security, eliminate system downtime, reduce operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. SunView Software is a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida. Visit http://www.SunViewSoftware.com.

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