EMR Customers Comprise Many New 2011 White Plume Contracts

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Many of White Plume Technologies' new customers for the first half of 2011 have had EMRs for at least 1 year. Why are EMR users turning to yet another software vendor if their needs are being met?

The gap White Plume fell into

EMRs were first described in the 1960s by a physician named Lawrence L. Weed and created soon after. Since conception, EMRs have evolved into what are today's requirements to obtain Federal Meaningful Use incentives. With development cycles being tied up in Meaningful Use, EMR vendors have not taken steps to accelerate the charge capture and coding processes in a user-friendly manner.

Most physicians are accustomed to spending less than 10 seconds to complete a paper encounter form at the end of a patient exam. Now, EMR users work through a template when completing encounters that requires a steeper learning curve. Why should a step forward in the clinical process be a step backward in the financial process? White Plume fills the gap between the EMRs of the present day and the ideal EMR of the future by accelerating these processes.

When asked about how White Plume Technologies fills this gap, Matthew Menendez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing explained, "We come in and provide a small bridge to fix that 'last mile' problem. We help make the entire process work smoothly. It is not replacing the EMR, but it gives practices the tools necessary to make the EMR work the way you need it to work in order to get paid for what they do."

To fill your personal gap

Using solutions from White Plume Technologies' ePASS suite of products, physicians experience only minimal change to save substantial amount of resources in the coding process. Instead of using the EMR template, many use AccelaCAPTURE (i.e., a "superbill under glass"). Others use AccelaMOBILE, the cloud-based application that allows physicians to complete hospital charges on the device of their choice before sending the information to AccelaSMART, White Plume's code scrubbing engine. If physicians use the EMR templates, those practices can use AccelaPASS to send charge capture information to AccelaSMART, the code scrubbing engine for clean claim submission.

"Total dollar productivity is up a solid 10%. Overall, I would estimate that ePASS puts an additional $100,000 to $150,000 in our pocket each year," reported the Huntington Medical Foundation in Pasadena, California.

With fast execution, better accuracy and results, and the flexibility to use the solutions wherever and however the physician pleases, no wonder White Plume Technologies is the answer for today's EMR gap. Unlike other software vendors, White Plume Technologies has developed a reputation for "under promising and over delivering." Customers benefit from powerful ROI, improved cash flow, and increased accuracy resulting in a decrease in denials.

"Four years after installing ePASS, productivity and savings continue to increase, while denials are held at a minimum," reported Metropolitan Pediatrics in Beaverton, Oregon.

Established in 1999, White Plume develops innovative technology solutions that help over 7,000 U.S. physicians eliminate major productivity barriers, from patient encounter to clean claim submission. To learn more about White Plume and its solutions, visit www.whiteplume.com.

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