eMix Adds Medical Report Delivery Option

Cloud Computing Technology for Secure Sharing of Medical Information Can Now Deliver Patient Reports in Multiple Formats

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- eMix, a new business venture incubated by DR Systems, today announced that its cloud-based platform for sharing healthcare information has added the option of auto-sending medical reports electronically, in multiple file formats, called eMix EMRconnect™.

With EMRconnect, eMix report recipients can designate their preferred report delivery formats, including HL7 (Health Level 7), CDA (Clinical Document Architecture), CCR (Continuity of Care Record), TXT (Text), PDF (Portable Document Format) and RTF (Rich Text Format), any of which can be imported into a physician’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

This expansion of the eMix platform into the HL7 domain enables delivery of structured or encoded patient exam information into other healthcare IT systems. This allows for more standardization and flexibility in the sharing and processing of healthcare information among disparate IT systems and institutions. By reducing fragmentation of healthcare information, patient care is improved and healthcare costs are reduced.

“Increasingly, referring physicians who have adopted a Meaningful Use-certified EMR are demanding to receive their reports electronically,” said Florent Saint-Clair, eMix General Manager. “Having an affordable, cloud-based option for sharing patient information is a major plus for healthcare institutions looking to increase efficiency without capital IT expenditures. Vendors typically charge a large upfront fee for HL7 interfaces. Now with EMRconnect, eMix users in any department or subspecialty can receive medical imaging reports, lab reports, or any other document that can be sent via HL7, at an affordable price.”

eMix, which stands for Electronic Medical Information Exchange, enables secure sharing of images and reports among disparate institutions and physicians via the Internet. As a vendor-neutral, cloud-based technology, eMix makes possible the near-instantaneous transfer of imaging and other medical data, even between information technology systems that don't normally “talk to each other.”

eMix provides eight layers of security to protect healthcare institutions' patient data. The eMix security architecture enables institutions to comply with requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as enforce strict security policies of their own. All layers of security apply to EMRconnect.

Using eMix is as simple as using email. The technology eliminates the need for provider facilities to burn CDs, print films, or fax reports. Because eMix is a hosted service, hospitals and other healthcare providers do not need to purchase or maintain any additional hardware or software, or maintain virtual private networks.

Users pay for eMix EMRconnect with a simple monthly subscription fee based on the quantity of anticipated usage. A discount is offered to customers that choose to pay for a year's usage in advance.

Other new features recently added to eMix include:

  • Automated report delivery to EMR inbox – Enables a reading facility to set up its referring physicians to receive reports automatically into their EMR inbox.
  • Auto-Upload and Auto-Address – Enables users to upload an exam and address it to the recipient with one click.

eMix utilizes infrastructure solutions from EMC and data center virtualization technology from VMware.

Cloud computing is a virtual IT infrastructure that combines the controls and security of today’s data center with an agility that is similar to email. It makes possible eMix’s innovative approach to exam-sharing and also substantially reduces costs.

About eMix

eMix is a business venture incubated by DR Systems, one of the most respected names in healthcare information systems. Electronic Medical Information Exchange (eMix) is cloud-based technology developed for sharing medical imaging studies and reports between disparate healthcare facilities and physicians with the speed and simplicity of email. eMix will also facilitate the inclusion of patient images into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and patients’ Personal Healthcare Records (PHRs).

The business-to-business capability of eMix will be followed with the launch of a patient portal for business-to-consumer data exchanges, as well as a long-term storage feature with highly flexible user-driven storage rules and options. For more information, visit www.emix.com or call 877-EMIX-MED (877-364-9633).

About DR Systems, Inc.

DR Systems, Inc. is the leading independent provider of enterprise imaging and information management systems for hospitals, integrated healthcare networks, and diagnostic imaging centers. For more than 18 years, the company has helped over 600 hospitals and imaging center sites lower their cost of operation by improving management of patient information, eliminating film costs, and increasing workflow speed, while providing better clinical quality and patient care. For more information, visit www.drsys.com or call 800-794-5955.


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