Embracing the medical home

Increasingly, research is mounting that at least some patients do well with a "medical home"; a primary care physician who guides all of a patient's care. While some observers describe medical homes in terms that basically echo what people expect from PCPs, other medical home models call for coordinated care across a broader medical team. Either way, the health plans are increasingly encouraging primary care organizations to adopt the model (whatever it is).

So, when physicians hit the MGMA floor, many are going to have questions as to how they can make this transition--or whether they should in the first place. One option they'll have is "Guided Care: A Path to Becoming a Medical Home," (CON 310) a concurrent session designed to help providers manage the process to obtain maximum benefits for patients and practitioners. This session will help practices determine how to become certified as medical homes.

Honestly, I was expecting to see far more sessions on this topic, given how much attention it has received of late, but maybe next year. In the meantime, I encourage you to be one of the people who check this model out now. My prediction: by next year you won't be able to avoid it. After all, supporting and encouraging good old fashioned primary care just makes sense.