Editor's Corner

Since we've gotten such great input recently, I thought I'd use this corner to share a few readers' thoughts. We appreciate how responsive this community is, and want to assure you that we read every comment! Anyway, back to what you have to say...

First, on the extent to which patients should keep alert for potential medical errors:

"In the past 7 years, since my father has been taking anti-epileptic medication, there have been seven instances of documented errors in diagnosis/treatment...As a trained physician-pharmacologist I was fairly quick to pick up the mistake and rectify. I wonder about the fate of other senior citizens who may not have trained family members involved in their care."

- Swaminathan Subramaniam, MD, PhD

Meanwhile, in regards to the question of whether it's ethical for doctors sell products:

"Perhaps these critics can say something for the physicians who continue to labor despite the decreasing compensation for their services and the increasing cost and risks to practice. Personally, if I am offered products that I think will help me, I have no objections; I will have to pay anyway wherever I get it; right there at the physician's office will save me the trip elsewhere."

- Anonymous

Finally, in response to a report that found that pre-op briefing can lower surgical errors:

"It is an absolute no brainier. It is nice that the John Hopkins surgeons have learned to talk with their assisting staff before procedures… Some nurses are so scared of the senior surgeons that they fail to ask pertinent questions like 'what is wrong with this patient? What are you planning to do during surgery? What am I expected to do to get things right?' Unless the doors of communication are opened wide and clearly written history pertinent to the procedure is on the chart, no surgery or procedure should take place. There is nothing routine about medical or surgical procedures. There is a risk of things going wrong all the time."

- Narayanachar S. Murali

We always welcome feedback, whether or not you agree with what we have to say, so I encourage you to keep the thoughts and ideas coming. You're an amazing group. Thank you for making FierceHealthcare a success with your interest and involvement! - Anne