EDIMS Boosts Emergency Department Access To Critical Patient Information And Documentation With EHR Upgrade

LIVINGSTON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- EDIMS LLC, a leading provider of interoperable emergency department (ED) information management systems, announced today that it has enhanced its EDIMS patient documentation, patient tracking and charge capture systems to provide clinicians with immediate access to information on potentially life-threatening drug interactions, as well as crucial information pertaining to a patient's medical background. Additionally, the new release, EDIMS version 2.6, provides greater functionality by allowing emergency teams to include more comprehensive documentation in the patient's electronic health record (EHR).

Enhancements to the EDIMS platform include:

  • An intelligent drug interaction feature with dynamic alerts that allows clinicians to automatically check for interactions on current medications, new orders and discharge medications, as well as provide warnings where appropriate. The software also permits EDs to set the interaction warning levels as desired.
  • An eDocuments scanning solution that lets clinicians scan home medication lists, as well as patient documents, such as a driver's license or other identification, and automatically create a PDF of the scanned documents that can be added to the patient's chart.
  • New functionality to support observation units that includes order sets, templates, and a separate physician note, to better document the care provided and support appropriate billing.
  • A redesign of assessments that is more comprehensive and system based, enabling clinicians to quickly document the relevant systems.
  • A new historical triage data tool that allows data from previous visits to automatically populate in the patient's record, eliminating the duplicity of re-typing medications, as well as medical and surgical history notes that affect the care patients receive in the emergency department.
  • An upgrade to charge capture determination that facilitates the management of injection and infusion charges more readily.
  • A new iPhone integration feature that gives clinicians the ability to access a patient's EHR from their mobile devices and make select updates to it.

"Clearly, a primary benefit of our new EDIMS release is that it gives clinicians as much information as possible during emergency treatment. This not only ensures the highest level of care, it improves ED workflow, decreases patient risk and increases the accuracy of patient documentation," said Shane Hade, chief executive officer of EDIMS. "EDIMS continues to be the most flexible and comprehensive solution for the ever-changing environment inherent in emergency departments, while supporting the staff to more fully document the patient encounter."


For over 20 years EDIMS LLC has pioneered emergency department information systems. From triage through disposition, EDIMS workflow documentation creates an accurate and complete electronic medical record (EMR), enabling dramatic improvements in operations, regulatory compliance, charge capture and risk management. Supported by 350 practicing emergency medicine professionals, EDIMS clinical decision support includes 750 medical best-practice templates and 250 order sets, to further support clinician productivity and support improved patient outcomes. In use at 39 hospitals and long-term care facilities nationwide, with over 12 million documented patient records, EDIMS cares for emergency departments. For more information, visit http://www.EDIMS.net.