ECRMC Patient Care Improved Through New Health IT Service

Use of Cloud Computing Technology for Sharing Radiology
Studies and Reports Expedites Treatment

EL CENTRO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ECRMC announced today that it is now using a leading cloud-based technology for sharing imaging studies and reports with outside medical facilities.

The technology, called eMix, is improving the efficiency of patient file sharing, which allows for quicker treatment and improved care. This technology will speed up the treatment of trauma patients ECRMC sends to UCSD Medical Center by getting crucial imaging data to UCSD physicians much faster than with previous methods.

In addition, all local physicians can use the same technology to share patient information with the hospital quickly and accurately. The only technological requirement is that both facilities have a broadband Internet connection. There is no software or hardware for any eMix user to purchase or maintain.

eMix (Electronic Medical Information Exchange) makes it possible to securely send radiology images and patient reports to outside facilities in just a few minutes. The process requires only a few simple mouse clicks on a computer, much like sending an email.

Before the hospital began using cloud-based file-sharing, ECRMC transferred radiology files by burning them to CD and sending them with the patient in the ambulance or air transport, during trauma situations. The process, although common in hospitals nationwide, is several times slower than the cloud-based system. Sometimes, CDs can be lost in transit, requiring the patient to be re-imaged, which can expose the patient to extra radiation and delayed treatment.

“In trauma situations, the patients whose condition may be extremely critical are sent to UCSD,” said Andrea Green, MD, head of the ECRMC emergency department. “If diagnosis and treatment can be expedited, it can make the difference in saving a life. Sending imaging files electronically in advance of the patient's arrival at UCSD instead of burning the files to a CD saves a lot of time, so I believe the clinical implications are substantial.”

The file transfers with eMix have been trouble-free. In addition, the physicians at outside agencies can receive the files before the patient is seen, so they are prepared to begin treatment much sooner.

“We have used the process now with several trauma patients and it has been easy, fast and completely dependable,” said Susan Stout-Pierce, BS, RT(R), PACS/RIS Administrator-Imaging Services at ECRMC. “This is a clear example of information technology that improves patient care and increases patient safety.”

About eMix

eMix is a business venture incubated by DR Systems, one of the most respected names in healthcare information systems. Electronic Medical Information Exchange (eMix) is cloud-based technology developed for sharing medical imaging studies and reports between disparate healthcare facilities and physicians with the speed and simplicity of email. eMix will also facilitate the inclusion of patient images into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and patients’ Personal Healthcare Records (PHRs).

The business-to-business capability of eMix will be followed with the launch of a patient portal for business-to-consumer data exchanges, as well as a long-term storage feature with highly flexible user-driven storage rules and options. For more information, visit or call 877-EMIX-MED (877-364-9633).


El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) is a licensed 165-bed general acute care facility located in El Centro, Calif. ECRMC is committed to providing the community with high quality healthcare as reflected in its mission statement: “To Provide Healthcare Excellence For The Imperial Valley.”

ECRMC is moving forward with the planning and development of the hospital expansion project that will replace the older portion of the hospital. In addition, the hospital is developing a new facility to meet the needs of the Imperial Valley and provide an advanced healthcare facility and service.

ECRMC has recently announced a collaboration with the Oncology and Hematology Center of Imperial Valley to create the El Centro Regional Medical Center Oncology and Hematology Center. Maintaining its commitment to medical technology advancement, the hospital has invested in the da Vinci Si HD Surgical System. The surgery system allows for safe and less intrusive procedures in various surgical fields, including urology, cardiology, obstetrics/gynecology and more.

Effective August 2010, ECRMC partnered with TeamHealth, one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing organizations, to provide high quality emergency department management and staffing, elevating the hospital’s ER department.


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