eCast and kloudtrack Team to Deliver Combined Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) Tec

RALEIGH, N.C. & ANNAPOLIS, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- eCast Corporation, a leader in electronic medical records (EMR) software and clinical integration products and services, and kloudtrack®, a leader in Information Exchange (IE) and governance/risk/compliance (GRC) technologies, today announced a strategic relationship at the SIIA All About the Cloud conference in San Francisco, CA. This partnership will enable customers in healthcare/medical, pharmaceutical and related life science sectors to exploit the best of both companies’ core strengths through coordinated marketing, sales and services activities.

“Our partnership with kloudtrack® and their IE platform (branded as kloudexchange) is an incredible opportunity for the marketplace,” said Peter Bechtel, president and CEO of eCast Corporation. “This is the first combination of a Health IE integrated with EHR/EMR that we have ever seen.”

The foundation of the partnership is a joint marketing arrangement between the two companies. eCast and kloudtrack® will jointly market their combined HIE+EMR product offering to IPAs, hospitals, physician organizations and other integrated delivery systems at a time when traditional IT automation options are cumbersome, costly and incomplete.

“Together with eCast, we are setting a standard of data management, process improvement and compliance that is unmatched in the industry today,” said Michael Binko, president and CEO of kloudtrack®. “This announcement with eCast emphasizes our commitment to bring disruptive technologies to markets that have been grossly underserved by status-quo IT vendors. We are very pleased to be able to offer these solutions now because they are long overdue for the healthcare industry.”

eCastEMR Version 8.0 and kloudtrack® Version 5.1 are Comprehensive Meaningful Use certified products that directly address the ARRA requirements of Meaningful Use as well as Accountable Care. eCast was first certified in 2007 and then became Meaningful Use certified in 2011 while kloudtrack® was formally certified* in 2010.

About kloudtrack®: Headquartered in Annapolis, MD kloudtrack® is a software-as-a-Service, cloud computing (SaaS|Cloud) company offering Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) technologies and solutions for Business Process Management and Human Interaction workflow. kloudtrack® integrates best-practices management with audit-trails that place a premium on monitoring users, data, transparency and collaborative processes as they relate to sensitive data assets.

About eCast Corporation: eCast Corporation was established in 1999 as a healthcare informatics company that uses software and technology to enrich doctor networks with state-of-the-art-tools. eCast has a team of highly motivated employees dedicated to providing the best solutions and services available in the industry. The company’s strength is generated from its commitment to clients, industry, shareholders, and employees. eCast offers innovative solutions for large organizations of physicians such as IPAs, PHOs, MSOs, ACO’s and other integrated systems. Ranging from clinical integration to disease risk management to a Certified Health Information Exchange, eCast has the software solutions physician groups need and can afford.


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* kloudtrack® 5.1 was inspected by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®) in February 2010 and is preliminary certified EHR technology, meeting 2 of 24 requirements for Eligible Providers published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in its Interim Final Rule. The certification criteria in the interim rule were superseded by criteria in the Final Rule published by HHS on July 28, 2010. Use of kloudtrack 5.1 would not qualify an eligible healthcare provider to apply for federal incentive payments as described in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Numerous factors relate to ARRA stimulus reimbursement.


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