eCareSoft Unveils Enterprise HIE for Small to Mid-size Hospital Groups and Their Affiliates

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- eCareSoft announced the release of ConnectHIT today, the first web-based health information exchange (HIE) solution for small to mid-size hospital groups and their affiliated physicians, ambulatory surgery centers and clinics. ConnectHIT provides connectivity of disparate clinical systems and a shared electronic health records (EHR) database creating a community of care network that fosters physician collaboration, quality measures, and evidenced-based guidelines.

ConnectHIT's cloud technology allows healthcare executives to manage the clinical, financial and electronic health records (EHR) activities of multiple owned facilities from a single, centralized digital hub. Since the database is a patient-centric configuration rather than facilities centric, the patient's record is created only once and can be viewed by multiple facilities within the network, eliminating the redundant inputting of patient historical information each time an event occurs.

This type of advanced technology platform has historically been something that only large hospitals could afford.  "ConnectHIT's cost savings over client-server solutions can be as much as 40%," stated Jorge Camargo, CEO of eCareSoft. "Speed of deployment is another advantage with rollouts in as few as 90-120 days versus the typical 8 to 12 months for traditional client-server solutions," concluded Camargo.

ConnectHIT's key differentiator is the system's tight linkage of EHR, clinical and financial management systems into a single, web-based solution. Unlike aggregated solutions, ConnectHIT was programmed for full integration from the onset. The difference is an ONC-ATCB certified complete inpatient solution that truly works together with operation that is smooth and responsive.

ConnectHIT employs granular privacy measures and sits atop highly scalable service oriented architecture (SOA) capable of facilitating a seamless coordination of disparate data sources, integrating their capabilities and delivering them quickly and efficiently to the point of care – point of decision.

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eCareSoft is the US affiliate of Expert Sistemas Computacionales, S.A. de C.V., the largest provider of healthcare IT solutions in Mexico with 40% market share. eCareSoft provides hospitals and affiliates with a totally-integrated EHR, inpatient clinical and financial management solution to quickly and affordably fulfill their Meaningful-Use objectives. The company has a 15-year history of providing secure, customizable solutions that advance the patient care process, reduce medical errors and drive profitability. The company's US headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. For more information about eCareSoft visit us online at

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