Dr. John Goodman - 10 Healthcare Bloggers We're Thankful For

Who: Dr. John Goodman

Blog: John Goodman's Health Policy Blog

About the blogger: Goodman, a Ph.D., is president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis.

What makes this blog so fierce? Goodman is not afraid to put the administration's feet to the fire and question waffling or inconsistent stances on issues.

Focus: Pro-free enterprise and private sector solutions to healthcare problems. Health reform, healthcare costs and quality get a lot of coverage. Content includes reblogged material and original commentary that's sometimes infused with humor. He refers to SiCKO's filmmaker as "Michael (if-you-disagree-with-me-you-must-be-on-the-drug-industry-payroll) Moore."

Quote: "So now [Secretary Sebelius has] agreed that insurers can charge higher premiums to high-cost children after all. It's hard to say which is more amazing: (1) The administration's apparent lack of understanding of the economics of insurance (2) Or the power the Secretary has to change the new health care law at will (3) Or the willingness of the administration to change the law weeks ahead of the election in order to maximize its electoral impact."