Doximity Physician Network Reaches 100,000 Members

Largest medical network also open APIs to extend functionality

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Doximity, the professional network for physicians, today announced that it has reached 100,000 verified members. Over 15% of U.S. physicians now use Doximity for secure doctor-to-doctor collaboration. The Doximity network has doubled in size since its last membership milestone, confirming 50,000 physician members in April 2012. Doximity is the largest and fastest growing network for physicians, reaching the 100,000 member mark in just under two years since the company's inception.

"In just under 2 years, 1 in 6 U.S. physicians are using Doximity to take control of their communication, career-growth and patient care," said Jeff Tangney, CEO of Doximity. "For an industry that traditionally takes 17 years for new ideas to spread across the country, this a milestone we're not only very proud of but also something that should get both providers and their patients very excited. Healthcare is long overdue for a digital revolution, and Doximity is helping physicians take the lead in this transformation."

Doximity has proven to be a valuable workflow tool for U.S. physicians across all practice settings. Whether pinpointing the right clinical expert for a challenging case, securely collaborating with peers across the country in private discussion forums, keeping up with the latest medical literature and news or seamlessly connecting with and organizing one's professional connections, Doximity members are constantly finding new ways to improve their overall efficiency as a practicing physician.

One such physician is Dr. Pierre Theodore, Associate Professor of Surgery and Van Auken Endowed Chair in Thoracic Surgery at UCSF. "No other tool out there allows me to easily identify the right physician to collaborate in the care of my patients when they move or travel out of my already established network of colleagues," said Dr. Theodore. "Doximity enables me to deliver faster, more personalized care to my patients and identify consultants nationwide."

Doximity's plans include the launch of an API for entrepreneurs and medical services, enabling physicians to seamlessly and securely use a growing platform of third party applications and services, from the convenience of their personal, verified Doximity account. To learn more about the Doximity API, please visit

Doximity key numbers:

  • In just under two years, 100,000 verified physicians are now Doximity network members
  • 1 in 6 U.S. physicians, across all states and specialties, is a Doximity member
  • Average network member is 41 years old versus the 45 year old average age for all practicing U.S. physicians
  • Top hospitals by number of registered physicians are Stanford University Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC
  • The ratio of primary care to specialist members mirrors the natural 40:60 split found in the total practicing physician population
  • Three of the top five medical schools (Stanford, UCSF, and the University of Pennsylvania) have partnered with Doximity to run their alumni networks
  • More than 2,000,000 physician-to-physician connections have been made on the Doximity network
  • U.S. physicians do roughly 1,000 referral/expert searches on Doximity every day
  • Doximity recently secured $17 million Series B financing led by Morgenthaler Ventures

About Doximity
Doximity is the first real-name authenticated online professional network designed exclusively for U.S. physicians, supporting them in delivering faster, smarter treatment and managing their own practice. With Doximity, physicians can use their iPhone or Android device or desktop computer to quickly and securely connect with nearly any U.S. physician to collaborate on patient care or find the right medical expert for a patient. To learn more about Doximity, please visit

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