DoseEdge™ Pharmacy Workflow Manager Now Includes Expanded Formulary Information

Health-system pharmacies can advance their goal of eliminating harm due to medication errors through the use of updated data from FormularyPlus™

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Baxa Corporation, a leading provider of medical devices and systems that automate pharmacy operations, today unveiled enhancements to the FormularyPlus drug information management system included with its DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Management System.  

The Baxa DoseEdge System now features a more easily updated and expanded master formulary of NDC (National Drug Code) bar codes and other critical drug information for instant, correct identification of all IV and oral drugs used during the compounding process.  This upgrade marks an important safety advancement for compounding intravenous (IV), chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition and oral liquid doses in hospital pharmacies.  By positively identifying all dose ingredients and concentrations during preparation and with improved tracking of drug expiration, DoseEdge eliminates many common sources of medication errors.

Nearly 5 million doses have been processed by DoseEdge in US hospitals to date. DoseEdge has prevented more than 100,000 preparation errors through barcode verification of every ingredient drug and best-practice compounding process management.  To view technical videos or download educational materials on FormularyPlus enhancements for DoseEdge, visit

FormularyPlus's new functionality enables numerous gains in compounding safety and dose management:

  • More than 9,000 oral liquid products for  preparing and documenting oral unit doses are now included;
  • Expiration profiles for 14,000 products are now included. Expiration profiles enable more accurate calculation of beyond-use dates based on drug, diluent, concentration and storage condition;
  • Multi-use containers can be correctly labeled in compliance with Joint Commission Medication Management standard MM.03.01.01 EP 7;
  • Real-time access to information on 14,000 pharmacy products  assembled and updated from dynamic data sources — more than any other pharmacy workflow management tool; and,
  • The ability to update the formulary with new drug information as it becomes available, ensuring continued dose safety and accuracy in the pharmacy.

"FormularyPlus allows DoseEdge to automatically detect the use of an incorrect drug, diluent or concentration during the preparation of critical doses," said Larry Gibson, Product Manager at Baxa.  "The DoseEdge System plays a key part of a hospital's program for Elimination of Harm due to medication errors; reduces drug waste and streamlines compliance with labeling and billing requirements."

To learn more about DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager or other industry-leading IV automation products from Baxa, please visit:  To request additional information visit, call 800-567-BAXA (2292) or email [email protected].

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