DOMA Awarded Veterans Affairs Pilot Study

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of Veterans Affairs through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) has awarded DOMA Technologies (DOMA) the contract for a Pilot Study into the Centralized Retrieval, Assembly, and Secure Transmission of Private Medical Records to expedite claims processes.

The determination of eligibility for disability compensation and disability pension are currently made by the VBA utilizing evidence contained in the patient's medical record. The entire process for retrieving the medical records from private healthcare providers currently takes on average 40 days. "Through the award of this Pilot Study DOMA's goal is to reduce the retrieval of medical records from an average of 40 days down to 7 days" says DOMA Sr. Vice President Wayne DeAtley. "The accelerated retrieval of records will lead to faster adjudication of the disability claim for the veteran which helps the VBA as well as the patients and their families" continues DeAtley. "Our goal is to support our veterans by ensuring the disability claims are processed and adjudicated timely and with the appropriate medical evidence".

The Pilot Study is expected to be completed within six months and will be conducted in six (6) VBA regional offices with an estimated 9,000 claims per month.  

To satisfy the requirements for the Pilot Study DOMA will retrieve the medical records from the private healthcare provider in multiple formats (mail, fax, scanned), convert the documents into a Portable Document Format (pdf) and then make the records available to the VBA through DOMA's secure iCHART application. The types of medical documents that will be imported into the DOMA system include medical charts, x-rays, MRI's, lab results etc.

"When dealing with personal health information security and privacy is a primary concern. Through our past cooperation with the VA we have been able to demonstrate the highest standard of data security and we are excited to bring that expertise to this Pilot Study" noted DOMA President Pat Feliciano.

The scope of work for the pilot study will require the application of DOMA's state-of-the-art-technology as well as the implementation of purpose designed business processes including a customer service center to achieve the retrieval of healthcare records.

DOMA provides enterprise-wide document management utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS) and health information solution services that are flexible, rapidly deployed, easy to use and adaptable to business growth and change and use environmentally friendly initiatives. DOMA turnkey solutions promote efficient business practices through secure Web-based systems that can be centrally managed and easily accessed anytime, anywhere. These streamlined solutions bring a time and cost savings return on investment to our customers.

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