Doctors decry poor ER conditions via YouTube

Doctors at LaSalle Hospital in Montreal have turned the cameras on the "intolerable, unhygienic" state of their emergency rooms, reports CBC News. They've posted seven videos on YouTube and launched the website as part of an online campaign to demand improvements.

"We weren't being heard," said Dr. François Langlais, one of the two physicians behind the campaign. "It was a last resort. It wasn't something that we're doing happily," he told CBC.

In the YouTube videos, Langlais, council of doctors chairperson, and Tony Assouline, chief of emergency, tour the ER--which hasn't been renovated in 27 years--and point out deficiencies, such as moldy ceilings, overcrowded hallways and outdated equipment.

The hospital submitted renovation plans last May and was supposed to get a response within two months, but the physicians are still waiting to hear  back.

The health minster has refused to respond to the online campaign, but supposedly is making an announcement on a project involving the LaSalle Hospital within days, according to the Montreal Gazette.

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