The Doctor Is In: Non Socialized, No Tax Burden, Doctored up Universal Health Care Plan

Their universal, non-socialized health care plan is run by private doctors of all specialties and secures every person’s right to the highest quality care without adding taxes or burdens on employers or taxpayers.

East Hampstead, NH (Vocus) September 25, 2007 -- A group of elite dentists and physicians unveiled a new health care plan (, that without adding taxes or burdens on employers or taxpayers, secures every person’s right to the highest quality care and puts control of medicine back into the hands of doctors.

This nationwide medical organization with this new health care plan ( is IADMD, The International Assoc. of Dental and Medical Disciplines. IADMD’s founders and directors are dentists and physicians including board specialists and heads of private practice for more than 20 years.

“The nation needs a new health care plan to take back the reins and put responsibility into the hands of the only ones that can really fix the health care problem: unbiased doctors who are unwaveringly devoted to the Hippocratic Oath as opposed to those attached to their insurance company’s bottom lines,” says Dr. John J. Ryan, D.M.D., the medical organization ( founder, CEO and president.

The hallmark of IADMD’s health care initiative is a “marriage” between dentists and physicians that allows them to confer with one another for their patients’ overall health -- removing barriers that often leads to illness or chronic disease.

“This is not about intermixing specialties,” says Dr. Ryan, “It’s about intermixing communication between specialties with unified strategies to make sure everyone is taken care of.”

The “marriage” also fosters each doctor’s treating of the uninsured and underinsured by doing their fair share of donated services. Dr. Ryan hopes the combined strengths within this new medical organization ( will bring an end to how he says the government is hurting people, dentists and physicians and itself:

•    Many uninsured individuals forgo care when they do not fall within government or charitable assistance groups.

•    The U.S. government bestows excellent tax breaks on the average U.S. citizen -- but not to doctors for donating care.

•    The government is seeking health care solutions while there’s a whole nation of doctors who are willing to open their doors to the disadvantaged and oppressed.

IADMD, based in New Hampshire which is home to the nation’s first presidential primary, welcomes the support of the presidential candidates with their health care plan (

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