dLife Launches Healthcare Solutions Group To Work With Healthcare Industry And Improve Engagement And Outcomes For People With D

New group leverages dLife's proven tools and experience to provide targeted multi-media and self-management support tools to diabetes management programs for healthcare organizations

WESTPORT, Conn., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- dLife, the number-one resource and community network for people living with diabetes, officially launched its Healthcare Solutions Group to work closely with health plans, providers, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to provide engagement, behavior change, and self-management programs for people living with diabetes.

"dLife pioneered the use of multiple media to engage and inform people with diabetes, and help change their behavior for their benefit," said Dr. Ron Geraty, Chairman of the dLife Board of Directors. "That rich knowledge and experience is driving our efforts to help payors and manufacturers engage their members with diabetes, and reduce preventable healthcare utilization while improving quality." 

Leveraging its proprietary content, multi-platform media tools, and best practice expertise, dLife successfully developed a program to engage people with diabetes over time with tailored and personalized experiences.  The new healthcare platform leverages these best practices and offers consumers a dosed curriculum that allows them to adopt and sustain diabetes self-care behaviors at their desired pace. The solutions are optimized to keep consumers engaged with their diabetes management programs over time and encourage them to make positive, long-term behavior changes.

"While payment and evaluation models are shifting to value for payors, they still struggle to engage their members and support those behaviors that improve health and reduce healthcare costs; additionally, the model for manufacturers is changing to one of demonstrating comparative effectiveness, for which they need to consider patients' ongoing engagement and therapy adoption," said Adam Kaufman, PhD, General Manager of dLife Healthcare Solutions. "This is happening while, simultaneously, consumers are demanding more from their healthcare vendors, becoming savvier, and using more technology to manage their health.  This new direction for dLife came out of an identified need as the healthcare industry continues to shift and evolve rapidly, and plans are challenged to engage members to close their gaps in care."

Two years ago, dLife noticed these trends and conducted a clinical trial study with the Geisinger Healthcare System in Pennsylvania, one of the leading integrated health systems in the country.  The trial successfully showed that members / patients with diabetes were more engaged, greater informed, and better self-managed after the dLife intervention. 

"Based on our Geisinger trial results, we further developed a dosed approach to dLife that engages individuals, supports them to change behavior, and closes their gaps in care," Kaufman said. "dLife Healthcare Solutions is really an extension of what dLife is all about—addressing the overwhelming consumer need for real, practical solutions to the 24/7 challenge of managing diabetes. With our new offerings in Healthcare Solutions, we are simply taking it a step further with solutions optimized to engage people over time and drive sustained and measurable health behavior change."

For more information about dLife Healthcare Solutions' programs, contact Adam Kaufman at [email protected] or 203-221-3442.

About dLife – It's YOUR Diabetes Life!
dLife is the number-one community network and resource for millions of people with diabetes, their caregivers and healthcare providers.  dLife engages this growing population in positive and proactive self-care across a variety of media channels.  Its award-winning outlets include dLife.com, the leading online diabetes destination, attracting more than one million unique visitors a month, and featuring the widest and deepest variety of original content and resources anywhere; dLifeTV, the only national TV series dedicated to people with diabetes, with over half a million viewers, airing every Sunday on CNBC (7 p.m. ET); popular mobile applications; as well as consumer and professional programs driving proactive diabetes self-management.  dLife has been recognized with numerous media and editorial awards.

dLife Healthcare Solutions applies evidence-based content and technology solutions built specifically for health plans and healthcare providers who want to engage their diabetes populations as consumers of their own healthcare and owners of their own condition. dLife has demonstrated positive and direct impact on health outcomes via a recently completed randomized trial performed by the Geisinger Healthcare System.

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