Direct Dermatology Announces Investment from the California HealthCare Foundation



PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Direct Dermatology, which uses telemedicine technology to provide dermatology services for rural and underserved patients, has received $240,000 in funding from the California HealthCare Foundation's Health Innovation Fund, the company announced today.


Direct Dermatology combines a secure, web-based technology platform with a team of US board-certified Dermatologists trained at leading US medical centers to provide patients and referring providers with immediate assistance in the diagnosis and management of skin diseases. The solution provides rural and community clinics with much needed access to board-certified Dermatologists without significant up-front investments other than a digital camera, computer and internet connection.  Unlike the one to four month wait time that it typically takes for many patients to get a dermatologist appointment, patients seen by Direct Dermatology receive a diagnosis and management plan within 72 hours of case submission.

"I am pleased that this investment will allow us to continue our efforts to expand the infrastructure necessary to make a significant impact in the quality of medical care that patients in traditionally underserved areas in California receive," said Direct Dermatology co-founder and CEO, Dr. David Wong.

The goal of the recently established $10 million CHCF Health Innovation Fund is to support healthcare entrepreneurs who have the ability to develop scalable, sustainable businesses and whose companies offer an innovative service, device, or technology that can significantly reduce costs and improve access to care in California.

"The founders at Direct Dermatology are physicians and entrepreneurs who seek to combine their goal of succeeding in the marketplace with their drive to contribute to improved health care access," said Margaret Laws, director of CHCF's Innovations for the Underserved Program, which manages the fund. "We were impressed with their experience and business model and believe that they truly can make a difference in the lives of the patient population that we target."

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