Debunking some common myths about physician recruitment; E-prescribing greatly improves accuracy, less so for safety;

> Lack of access to primary care is an issue throughout the country and especially so in rural areas. Hospital Impact's Thomas Dahlborg attempts to "debunk" some common myths about physician recruitment in his latest post. Hospital Impact

> It's a small study group, but the results are eye-opening nonetheless: Twelve primary-care practices cut their prescription error rates from 42.5 percent to 6.6 percent in a one-year period by adopting e-prescribing technology. FierceEMR

> Seven percent of boys and 5 percent of girls were found to be extremely obese in a study of 700,000 children in Southern California, ages 2 to 19. Furthermore, one out of every 20 kids in the study was found to be at a weight at least 50 percent above what is considered to be healthy by doctors. Article

And Finally... I wonder if the library police had anything to do with the book being turned in. Article