David Rosenman - 9 People to Watch in Healthcare

Name: David Rosenman, MD

Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Profession: Director of the Mayo Clinic's innovation curriculum

Fast facts: Rosenman has worked at the Mayo Clinic since 2003. Last year he was named the curriculum director for the clinic's Center for Innovation. Later this year, he will serve as the director for Transform, a collaborative symposium on innovations in healthcare delivery and experience, which will be held in Rochester, Minn.

Why he's one to watch: The Mayo has always had a reputation for innovation, not only in medicine but healthcare communications media. (For example, the Clinic lent its name to medical reference CDs on family medicine-a sort of early WebMD-back in the early 1990s.) Given this history, it's fascinating to imagine what Mayo will be up to next-and whatever it is, it will be Rosenman's job to help spread the good word. It will be quite interesting to see what innovations he endorses and more importantly, why Rosenman thinks they matter.

Website: www.mayoclinic.com