Dan Drawbaugh - 9 People to Watch in Healthcare

Name: Dan Drawbaugh

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Profession: Chief Information Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Fast facts: Drawbaugh has served as the CIO at UPMC since 1990, and also is the president of BioTronics, Inc., a subsidiary of UPMC. Under Drawbaugh's guidance, UPMC and IBM reached an eight-year, $402 million healthcare and technology partnership in 2005. Drawbaugh is also a technology advisor for four UPMC partnered joint venture funds, where his job runs the gamut from fostering relationships to managing funds. Prior to being named CIO at UPMC, Drawbaugh served as the director of biomedical engineering for the university starting in 1983.

Why he's one to watch: Few CIOs have done more to make their IT budget work for them than Drawbaugh, who's got an entrepreneurial streak many CEOs would admire. With his outstanding track record of building productive partnerships with vendors--real partnerships where both parties make money, not vague affiliations--he could set a new standard for the role of big-hospital CIOs as money-makers. What's more, by finding ways to turn his own facility's projects into revenue streams, he may have the industry's first self-funding IT department. Gotta love that.

Website: www.upmc.com