Cytta Successfully Installs First Special Purpose CyttaNetwork Smartphones and Remote Medical Monitoring Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cytta Corp. (OTCQB: CYCA) -- Cytta Corp. announces the successful installation and rollout of its CyttaConnect remote medical monitoring ecosystem through the Heritage Provider Network's (HPN's) Glendale, CA location. The CyttaConnect system, along with several of Cytta's ecosystem device partners including A&D Medical, Nonin Medical and Entra Health Systems, is being utilized to develop a new paradigm for delivering improved care and wellness to their clients who can benefit from Cytta's revolutionary remote monitoring system.

The Project:  Create an easy-to-use, patient rewarding remote care data collection and management system for chronically ill and those with needs by using a portable, cellular phone system and familiar FDA Bluetooth approved medical devices per patient.

The Business Case:  By leveraging Cytta's existing national cellular phone infrastructure, HPN is adopting CyttaConnect's COTS (common-off-the-shelf) Telehealth strategy to address the healthcare needs of many.  HPN's preventive health care services are widely acknowledged to be among the broadest and most advanced in the healthcare industry.

By partnering with CyttaConnect, the industry leader in mobile phone remote patient monitoring systems, HPN ushers in the new era of highly-scalable remote care systems approach to wellness while simultaneously offering better patient personalization and seamless plug-n-play performance.  

CyttaConnect is the first total solution on the market that enhances patient wellness while saving time and money.  More importantly, CyttaConnect isn't limited to one medical device for data collection.  CyttaConnect's works with any Bluetooth device and seamlessly connects to their smartphone system providing patients nationwide mobility.

"Our open-standards architecture and low-cost, highly scalable system strategy is dramatically different than all other systems out there," stated Cytta Corp. President, Erik Stephansen.  "We're making it easier to collect information from many medical devices and doing it from anywhere the patient lives, works, or plays.  Other systems collect one health data metric but what if you need to know more about the patient's blood pressure and their blood glucose and oxygen absorption levels?  Today, you need a system tailored to the patient that handles several medical devices and we can offer them all."

Cytta's open-architecture allows HPN caregivers the flexibility to add medical devices as patient needs change.  For this rollout, Cytta's medical device partners are supplying FDA approved Bluetooth devices such as Blood Glucose Meter (from Entra Health), Pulse Ox (from Nonin), and Blood Pressure and Weight Scale (from A&D).  They will soon be expanding the Bluetooth device program to offer Temperature, Peak Flow, and other FDA approved medical devices.

The Challenge:  Once you collect data from the medical devices, you must overcome the challenge of getting that data to the right place so the caregiver can view it to help the patient.  To resolve this issue, HPN is handing out to the patient the CyttaConnect system that includes the Cytta smartphone and necessary FDA approved Bluetooth medical devices for that patient.  By doing so, the data moves from the patient collection point wirelessly back to HPN.  The patient doesn't have to do anything and the data seamlessly goes directly to their caregiver.

The result: All the proper health metrics are collected wirelessly, data transference is seamless, and the data is viewable by the caregiver who needs it.  

Furthermore, CyttaConnect is the only system to synchronize all of the needed parts.  Because of this integrated approach, Cytta also provides caregivers instant patient health alerts.  For example, if a patient health metric is out of his of her individual healthy range, the system automatically sends an alert via email and text to the caregiver. 

Caregivers no longer need to monitor a patient screen and, with CyttaConnect's two-way cellular voice capability, the caregiver can call the patient smartphone to help.

Integration matters: The Cytta system approach ensures data safety and data security versus downloading a smartphone App to collect data. "If it's just some phone App, how does the important patient health data get back to the right caregiver or back to the right place?  Who in the medical community is going to try to find it?  To me, that's like writing an important letter and sending it without an address on it!" exclaimed Mr. Stephansen. "So, we start by working with the caregiver and they provide the system to the patient.  Our approach guarantees that 100% of the data goes to who needs it."

How it works: Cytta is fortunate to have its own data and voice cellular network to put all the pieces together. Others have one piece of the solution but a cellular carrier is needed to securely and safely move the data back to the caregiver.

Cytta Corp. started with a design goal to synchronize (using its cellular network) all the system parts to connect millions of patients with caregivers.  For technology reasons, most proprietary systems out there today have barely handled several hundred patients at most.  The CyttaConnect system is based on cellular technology and, by using COTS devices, they can serve many times more patients. 

Added freedom: Portability and nationwide cellular service give patients the freedom to travel on business or to go on vacation while caregivers from their hometown are still monitoring their health and wellbeing.

We applaud HPN's choice in selecting the CyttaConnect system.  Cytta seeks to help educate patients and improve their wellbeing by collecting health data in the convenience of their home or anywhere. The radically simple CyttaConnect cellular system with its common medical devices permits greater scalability, ease, and portability that patients want and deserve.

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