CVS applies to open MA retail clinics

CVS Corp. has asked Massachusetts authorities for permission to open the first 10 of a planned 100 plus retail clinics in the state. The pharmacy giant is applying under the new set of regulations for such clinics approved in January. By late summer or early fall, CVS expects to open 10 clinics in eastern Massachusetts, and another 15 to 20 clinics elsewhere by the end of the year.  Conspicuously missing from its plans is the city of Boston, which would otherwise be a ripe target due to its high concentration of residents if nothing else. CVS (and other retail chains) face forceful opposition from Mayor Thomas Menino, who has vowed to do whatever it takes to keep the clinics from opening there. However, it seems likely that CVS's expansion will continue unimpeded throughout the rest of the state.

To learn more about CVS's plans:
- read this piece from The Boston Globe

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