Costly hospital assessment panned by Ohio bishops

A potential new assessment of hospitals in Ohio that could cost hospitals upwards of $598 million is being panned not only by various facilities in the state, but also by Catholic bishops. The assessment, referred to as a franchise fee, would collect a percentage of each hospitals facility costs--1.27 percent in 2010 and 1.37 percent in 2011--in hopes of lessening the "burden" Medicaid puts on the state's general fund. 

Catholic bishops are up in arms because Catholic hospitals are estimated to pay no less than $75 million net under the plan. 

"With the mounting fiscal challenges facing the state, we are keenly aware of the financial pressures surrounding healthcare and human service programs," Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk said in a statement. "We also believe, however, that additional revenues generated by the hospital franchise fee must be returned to our local communities to preserve the safety net that our institutions represent throughout the state." 

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