Continua Health Alliance Announces Certification of First Mobile Solution Suitable for Apple Mobile Devices and Wide Area Networ

A significant step to enable mobile health, ease of use and interoperability

BEAVERTON, Ore., March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Continua Health Alliance, the international industry organization dedicated to advancing personal connected health by promoting end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity of personal health devices and establishing industry standards for interoperability, today announced two new certifications for mobile health technologies. Vignet, Inc., a Continua member company, was certified by Continua for its iPhone Mobile Manager, the first solution for Apple mobile devices that meets Continua standards for interoperability. It is also the first solution to incorporate Continua's WAN (wide area network) guidelines for mobile applications. Vignet demonstrated its Continua-certified solutions last week at Continua's Spring Summit in Austin, TX.

The Vignet iPhone Mobile Manager is a Continua certified software manager that can be easily customized and adapted by various mobile applications and service providers. Implemented using Continua WAN guidelines, the Vignet Mobile Manager enables developers to build custom applications, and connects with other certified personal health devices such as weight scales, blood pressure cuffs or pedometers. It also facilitates integration with various interoperable servers to securely deliver personal connected health data and information.

"We are delighted to recognize Vignet as the first company to have a Continua certified product for Apple iOS mobile devices based on our WAN guidelines. It is another important step in creating an ecosystem of compatible devices and technology to help individuals and their healthcare providers better manage their health and wellness, any time, anywhere," said Chuck Parker, executive director, Continua Health Alliance.

Continua Health Alliance offers a testing and certification program with a recognizable logo that signifies interoperability according to industry standards. Continua certification enables more efficient, standardized development and new market opportunities for interoperable products such as smartphones, dedicated wireless hubs, the Internet and personal health devices that can be used to collect and relay vital health information and education.

"With Continua certification, device manufacturers and solutions providers know that our Mobile Manager is going to link up," added Praduman Jain (PJ), CEO, Vignet. "Now Continua connected health solutions can be rapidly adapted to work on a variety of servers and devices, saving developers significant development time. We are pleased to support the use of mobile phones in providing readily available and convenient personal connected health solutions to improve patient self-management and wellness."

For healthcare delivery, a WAN is a telecommunication network used to transmit collected data securely to medical records storage locations, and between different LANs (local area network) and other types of networks, so that computers or devices in one location can communicate with services or storage in other locations, such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or Personal Health Records (PHRs).

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Vignet is a pioneer in the person-centric mobile healthcare (mHealth) solutions that connect multiple devices belonging to any person with multiple healthcare data sources, networks and caregivers. Vignet's mHealth applications enable a system that is Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory. As a contributing member of Continua Health Alliance, Vignet has been a leader of mobile health innovation. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Vignet has an established track record of providing valuable solutions to many parts of the healthcare industry. For more information visit:

About Continua Health Alliance
Continua Health Alliance is an international not-for-profit industry organization enabling end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity of personal health devices and services. These services will empower information-driven health self-management and facilitate the incorporation of health and wellness into the day-to-day lives of consumers. Continua is a pioneer in establishing industry standards and security for connected health technologies such as smartphones, gateways and remote monitoring devices. Its activities include a certification and brand support program, events and collaborations to support technology and clinical innovation, and outreach to employers, payers, governments and care providers. With nearly 250 member companies reaching across the globe, Continua is comprised of technology, medical device and healthcare industry leaders and service providers dedicated to making personal connected health a reality. For more information visit:


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