Consumer Reports investigates coverage gaps in health plans; Health insurance stocks relatively healthy;

> A New York-based venture capital firm, Psilos, says it plans to raise $450 million to invest in new health technologies and services. Bloomberg News reports that the fund would be the fourth for Psilos, which has raised $557 million since 1999. Article 

> Consumer Reports has released an investigative report into the limits and "hazards" of a number of individual health insurance plans. The report found that most state regulators do not evaluate overall coverage; that it's difficult for consumers to figure out in advance what a policy does or doesn't cover, and that plans with affordable premiums can leave consumers vulnerable to high out-of-pocket medical expenses. Article 

> In spite of increased government clamp down on Medicare Advantage Plans, health insurance stocks are relatively healthy. Shares in leading plans that offer Medicare Advantage rose even after new restrictions on Medicare Advantage were announced earlier this week, reports the Associated Press. Article 

> Fewer Americans are filling their prescriptions, researcher, Wolters Kluwer Health reports. According to a new study, even consumers with insurance are opting not to use their medications if the co-payments are too high. While some drugs have co-pays of $10 or less, others can be $100 or higher. Article

And Finally... Nothing instills confidence in a small company like turning everyone against each other. Article