Congress wants Vytorin data; Germans set transplant record;

> Congress wants to get its hands on the latest data from a recent study concluding that Vytorin did no better than placebo at reducing the narrowing of heart valves, and increased in the risk of dying from cancer. FiercePharma

> A German medical team has announced that it performed what it believes to be the first transplant of two full arms. Article

> This can't be pleasant: Financial executives at West Penn Allegheny Health System say that they're going to have to adjust their balance sheet, after finding that they'd overstated their accounts receivable by about $67 million. FierceHealthFinance

> The administrator of Hollywood, FL-based Memorial Regional Hospital has resigned from his $370,000 per year job after a government investigation concluded that there had been fraud and mismanagement at a facility in the Virgin Islands he ran until last year. The islands' inspector general concluded that Miller had taken $1.3 million over five years above and beyond his contracted pay. Article

And Finally... And now, with no further ado, I give you the Cooper Green Mercy Hospital rap! (Unfortunately, it didn't win them their MRI, but it's still a blast.) Video