Concern that new HIPAA regs could hinder clinical trials; Mayo Clinic branch to stop taking Medicare;

> The new HIPAA privacy and security regulations set to take effect next month may hinder clinical trials as researchers adapt to tighter restrictions on the use of patient data, the head of a key industry association says. FierceHealthIT

> Beginning this week, a Mayo Clinic outpost in Arizona will stop accepting Medicare. The move is expected to affect roughly 3,000 patients to the tune of $1,500 per patient annually and could be expanded to other sites in the future,reports the Wall Street Journal. Article

> Healthcare providers will have to keep up-to-date problem lists, write electronic prescriptions, have electronic drug interaction checking, incorporate data from test results into their electronic health records, keep patient vitals and implement at least five rules for clinical decision support to be eligible for federal Medicare or Medicaid bonus payments beginning in 2011, according to proposed federal rules for "meaningful use" of EHRs. A previous plan would have only required one CDS rule. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... Looks like this woman wasn't "lovin' it." Article