CoActiv EXAM-PACS® Selected for Innovative Remote Reading Solution in Kingston, Jamaica

RIDGEFIELD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CoActiv EXAM-PACS has been selected to provide cloud-based PACS, archiving and teleradiology services for an innovative consultation/second opinion service in Jamaica, W.I., which links local physicians and patients to radiologists in the U.S.

Operating from the office of Edgar Abbott, M.D., an orthopedist in Kingston, the service enables physicians and patients throughout Jamaica to upload studies on CDs to an onsite CoActiv server. Exams are sent via the Internet to CoActiv’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant EXAM-VAULT® archive with redundant storage in multiple locations. From there, the data may be immediately accessed for reading on CoActiv EXAM-PACS workstations by a network of affiliated radiologists in New York, including general radiologists and sub-specialists. Radiology reports are returned to the originating physicians or patients via email or fax.

“Jamaica has experienced growth in both imaging technology and the number of imaging facilities on the island. This has led to an increase in the amount of radiology procedures being performed. While the local radiologists have tried to keep up with the volume, they have been hampered by limited technology,” said Raymond Farquharson, Administrative Director of Radiology at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY, who was instrumental in arranging the program. “Globally patients are more involved in their medical care, and Jamaica is no different. Patients are seeking second opinions on imaging results more often. Physicians, and more specifically sub-specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and neurosurgeons, value the opinion of a radiologist who also sub-specializes.”

Farquharson, who was born in Jamaica, helped bring together the talent and technology to launch this program. “I am very familiar with CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS because we use it at Lawrence Hospital. I know firsthand how easily the system moves and manages images over the Internet,” he comments. “CoActiv was pleased when asked to participate in this effort in Jamaica. The system arrived preloaded in Jamaica, and with the help of Dr. Abbott’s local IT personnel, the team of implementation engineers at CoActiv completed the installation from their office in Connecticut. Today, CoActiv is able to monitor and keep the installation functioning efficiently remotely.”

According to Farquharson, CoActiv’s cloud-based imaging technology provides a significant diagnostic option in Jamaica. The simplicity of loading images into the CoActiv system, and their immediate availability in any part of the world, provides an extremely practical high-tech solution.

In addition, CoActiv’s thin client EXAM-PACS application operates from the cloud and downloads to the local server to provide Dr. Abbott with sophisticated exam viewing tools locally. These tools can also be shared with local physicians who visit his office.

“Our EXAM-VAULT archive was an excellent choice for this unique project, and CoActiv is pleased to have its technology deployed in a unique setting such as this, where it helps fulfill an important need,” comments Ed Heere, President and CEO of CoActiv. “This installation exemplifies the ability of modern technology to bring medical resources where needed to help fill the gap in healthcare service.”

About CoActiv

CoActiv Medical is a leading healthcare software and IT systems provider offering a full line of PACS, digital image and data storage services and related solutions for hospitals, imaging facilities and medical practices of all sizes. CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS® family of web-based PACS solutions provide leading edge, affordable and scalable image management with sophisticated tools that cater to the needs of radiologists as well as a full range of other imaging specialists. Available as both enterprise server-based and cloud-based solutions, EXAM-PACS is designed for easy integration into imaging facilities of any size. Comprised of modular software components, EXAM-PACS enables any site to customize a solution to meet their specific needs and budgets or to add advanced functionality to an existing PACS solution. EXAM-PACS includes EXAM-FILER® CD-burning solution; vendor-neutral, HIPAA- compliant, offsite/online EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING®; patent-pending EXAM-SENDER® referring physician system; EXAM-3D® advanced, multi-modular 3D color reconstruction and visualization; and EXAM-NET teleradiology suite. EXAM-PACS includes such premium features as support for breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and storage of non-DICOM data such as prescriptions, reports and surgical plans in patient files. Complementing this is CoActiv’s family of EXAM-RIS® solutions scaled for imaging facilities of every size site and budget. Contact CoActiv at (203) 894-1651; [email protected];


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