CO considers raising medical malpractice caps

A new Colorado measure would raise the state's existing medical malpractice caps, stirring opposition from groups who say that such a measure would increase medical costs and in some cases drive physicians out of the state. The new bill would set a $1 million cap on economic losses patients can claim in a malpractice action, while raising the caps on non-economic losses to the level established for non-medical liability cases, about $366,000. The current level for non-economic damages is $250,000. As in other states, the issue is a hot one, and it's not clear how far the measure will get. In the past, caps have passed legislative challenges in other states. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if the pendulum swings this way in other states for a while--it seems to be the mood of the moment to challenge such caps.

To find out more about the proposal:
- read this Denver Business Journal piece

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