CMS to fight Medicare, Medicaid fraud with high-tech 'bounty hunters'; Law puts small doc payments up for disclosure;

> Medicare and Medicaid fraud cost American taxpayers some $54 billion last year. The Obama administration wants to go high-tech in its pursuit of fraudsters, sending out "bounty hunter auditors" to find waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid, according to the Huffington Post. FierceHealthIT

> According to the latest statistics from the Agency for Heathcare Research and Quality, pregnancy and childbirth are the leading reasons that women are admitted to the hospital. Press release

> It's official: Drugmakers will be required to report their payments to doctors, thanks to another provision of the healthcare reform bill. The payments will be aggregated into an annual, industry-wide report, with the first making its debut in 2013. FiercePharma

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